Editor's picks for August

by Karen Gaudette

This article was originally published in August 2011


Julie’s Organic Ice Cream Chocolate

Fudge Bars If you grew up loving Fudgsicles but crave an all-natural version of the frosty treat, this bar’s for you. This satisfying, chocolaty delight is made in small batches in Oregon with organic cream, organic cocoa and organic vanilla for a pure flavor and aftertaste. Better yet, each bar is only 100 calories. Score! Learn more about our ice cream »


Mamma Chia organic vitality beverage

If your last encounter with chia seeds involved a Chia Pet, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. This ancient food is packed with omega-3s, protein, calcium and fiber, and it has become a go-to yogurt topping and smoothie ingredient for runners and other energy seekers. Mamma Chia offers these bundles of energy suspended in organic fruit juice and a touch of agave nectar, ready to sip and slurp in flavors such as Cherry Lime and Cranberry Lemonade and a texture that’s a cross between boba tapioca pearls and raspberry jam.


The Better Bean Co.

The world deserves a better bean, say the folks at the Better Bean Co. in Portland, Ore. We think they’ve delivered. Their Northwest grown, vegan, freshly prepared beans are “good enough to eat out of the package,” as one co-worker put it. Try their Cuban Black Beans with rice, in soup or as an easy side dish, or try their Three Sisters Chili, a satisfying blend of pinto and black beans, hominy corn, squash, tomatoes and a touch of chipotle.

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