Make Mom's day

This article was originally published in May 2011

The best gifts come from the heart, from knowing what might bring a smile to Mom’s face. Here are a few suggestions to get your creativity flowing this Mother’s Day.


For her relaxation

Soak Mom’s cares away with Aura Cacia’s sustainably sourced aromatherapy bath products. Choose from fine-textured mineral bath salts or foam baths to leave her skin soft and silky smooth, or add essential oils for a fragrant boost. Learn more at


For her wine glass

PCC Wine Guy Jeff Cox recommends dry, vibrant, spicy rosé such as Tavel from Domaine La Rocalière and sparkling Blanquette de Limoux by Antech. Our wine selection offers superb quality and an incredible diversity of flavors at a fair price.


For her garden

It’s a gift within a gift — a locally crafted, good-smelling, long-lasting Big Dipper Wax Works votive candle tucked within a biodegradable planter pot with a packet of seeds. We love the Marjoram/Ylang Ylang/Nutmeg scent.


For her kitchen

Stock her pantry with fragrant, delicious oils. Avocado oil offers a slightly nutty flavor, just right blended into salad dressing, drizzled atop bread or whisked into dipping sauces. Walnut oil is a great addition to vinaigrettes or spread atop banana bread or pancakes.


For her bookshelf

Help Mom discover new recipes, healing foods, what to plant and where to hike. Our titles vary by store, but two perennial favorites are “Maritime Northwest Garden Guide Revised” by Carl Elliott and Rob Peterson and “Juice Lady’s Guide to Juicing,” by Cherie Calbom.

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