PCC Customer Service Stars

This article was originally published in November 2022


Deborah Mattingly

Deli Clerk, Kirkland PCC

After being a loyal co-op member for many years, Deborah joined the Kirkland PCC team when its new location opened in March. The opportunity to stay active and present drew Deborah to work in the PCC Market Kitchen. Each shift, she commits to sharing positivity and joy with everyone she meets. She appreciates how unique each customer is and tries to make a personal connection whenever possible. In her downtime, Deborah loves to play golf, spend time with family, enjoy chocolate treats and go on long walks to explore Kirkland. When we say Deborah enjoys chocolate, we mean it! If she could eat only one type of food forever, “all things chocolate” would be her choice with Alki Bakery’s Chocolate Raspberry Mousse being at the top of the list. What shines through above all else is Deborah’s resiliency in remaining positive. Thank you for always serving the Kirkland community with kindness, Deborah!


James Dickey

Meat Wrapper, Green Lake Village PCC

After retiring from his longtime career, James moved to Seattle seeking a new adventure. He started working at Pike Place Fish Market and soon found his way to PCC. He helped open our Ballard location and has now been a Meat Wrapper at Green Lake Village for just over a year. Every day, James arrives to work with the intention to do things just a bit better than the day before. His goal is to ensure shoppers feel as though he’s done everything he can to help. In addition to his service to shoppers, James loves to cook for his coworkers, preparing Cajun-inspired meals like tacos and gumbo, with a Pacific Northwest twist. On the weekend, he enjoys fishing, shooting aerial photography and exploring nearby landscapes. Thanks, James, for your generosity and willingness to always go the extra mile!

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