PCC Customer Service Stars

This article was originally published in November 2021

CS Star Mark McCondochie

Mark McCondochie

Meat Wrapper, Redmond PCC

Mark has been sharing his kindness with us since he started in the PCC Redmond Deli in 2018. After a brief time away in South Africa, he came back to work in the store’s meat department as a meat wrapper. From day one, he’s helped create a positive environment for his teammates and shoppers, guided by his customer service philosophy, “Always be a bright spot in someone’s day.” When he’s not spreading joy at work, Mark loves grilling New York strip steaks at home, working out, hiking and spending time with his family.


CS Star Kirsten R

Kirsten R.

Deli Clerk, View Ridge PCC

In just two years at View Ridge PCC, Kirsten has worked as a deli clerk, dishwasher and courtesy clerk, but has recently taken on her favorite role yet—cooking! She enjoys baking scones as a delicious way to mix up her daily routine. The tightknit, friendly community at View Ridge PCC feels like family to her and she fits right in with her customer service philosophy of spreading kindness. In her spare time, she tends to her 26 plants, cares for her cat and hangs out at the Cat Café. If she had to eat one thing for the rest of her life it would be kale salad with blueberry and goat cheese—yum!

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