This article was originally published in May 2020

The PCC Board of Trustees met on February 12 and 13, 2020 for the annual Board Retreat. It included an Audit and Finance Committee meeting, a Governance and Membership Committee meeting, a Board meeting, and a strategic planning session with the Board of Trustees and management focusing on the long-term future of PCC. CEO Cate Hardy reported on the achievements and challenges from 2019 including making steady progress across all three of PCC’s triple bottom lines—financial, social and environmental.


Annual members’ meeting and election dates

The Governance and Membership Committee set the following dates regarding the 2020 Annual Members’ Meeting:

  • Voting will begin May 1 and end May 12.
  • Active members as of March 15 are eligible to vote and can do so online. (Members are considered “active” if they have identified themselves as a member while checking out at least once in the prior 12 months.) Additional details and candidate biographies are available on our website. Watch for a link for online voting, which will be emailed to active members from Election Services Corp., the independent third-party agency that oversees our online election. (We recommend adding pccvoting@electionservicescorp.com to your email contact list.) If you have questions, please call the business office at 206-547-1222 or email membership@pccmarkets.com.


New plans and online meetings

The outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has prompted several changes to our meeting schedule, including replacing some in-person meetings with virtual gatherings. Please visit pccmarkets.com for the latest information. As of press time, we anticipated that PCC’s Annual Members Meeting would be held via online conferencing on May 13. We expect to conduct a very brief meeting to meet the requirements of our Bylaws and close the annual election. No other content will be presented.

  • We know that some members have previously enjoyed the opportunity at the Annual Meeting to meet the Board and management. PCC had launched a new outreach program to give this opportunity on a more frequent basis. The goal for these events is to share highlights of our business, inform members about PCC initiatives, and provide time for members to ask questions as well as offer input on topics that are important to them. These events are held approximately four times per year, and we anticipate inviting members to virtual gatherings if circumstances still do not allow in-person gatherings. Please visit pccmarkets.com for the latest update on our planned July 8 Meet and Greet, which was originally scheduled to be held at our Issaquah store.

The Board of Trustees generally meets four times per year. Board committees may meet more frequently, with the number of meetings depending on the committee. The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for May 14. Members may communicate with the board by emailing board@pccmarkets.com or by sending postal mail to the co-op office.

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