PCC updates

This article was originally published in May 2020

Nearly every month for decades, PCC has mailed a copy of the Sound Consumer to the home of every member. As our co-op grows to nearly 80,000 members and the cost of mailing dramatically increases, we find we need to be more responsible stewards of our co-op’s financial resources. Therefore, going forward, printed copies of the Sound Consumer will be available for pick-up in any PCC store. You can also find the current edition of Sound Consumer, and archived editions dating back to 2001, at pccmarkets.com/sound-consumer.

Between issues, our readers can get vital updates on stores, PCC cooking class information and recipes on our homepage. Members can receive co-op updates and special offers by updating email addresses with our membership team at pccmarkets.com/my-account. To stay up to date on local and national advocacy opportunities, be sure to sign up for monthly updates from our PCC Advocates email list at pccmarkets.com/my-account.

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