Customer feedback survey

This article was originally published in January 2017

At PCC, we know our relationship with customers is key to our success. We value our service and continually look for ways to improve it.

As part of our ongoing commitment to listen to what you, our shoppers, have to say, we’re introducing a new, additional way for you to provide feedback.

Beginning this winter, we’ll randomly invite shoppers to complete a short survey using a link printed on their cash register receipts. Customers who complete the survey will receive a coupon for $5 off a future purchase.

We’re excited about this new program because it will allow us to hear directly from more customers. We’re sure we’ll hear many ideas and opportunities for how we can provide even better customer service, and we’re committed to making those changes wherever possible.

This new option is in addition to the other ways you’ve been able to contact us to share ideas or questions. Our Customer Feedback Form can be found on the Contact Us page at We always respond as soon as possible. You also can share your thoughts with us in person or by calling any location. Give feedback to any staff or ask to speak with a person in charge.

Our members’ and shoppers’ feedback is important to us and we look forward to hearing more of it!

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