A January farm tour … and simple ways you can help save farmland

by Kelly Sanderbeck, PCC Farmland Trust Communications and Development Director

This article was originally published in January 2008


As we begin this new year, we at the PCC Farmland trust wish to thank each and every donor who helps make this collective mission to preserve our precious farmland a success. If your funds are low now after the holiday giving season, you still can support the trust in some simple ways.

For birthday presents, consider giving a Chinook Book (every purchase provides $10 to the trust) or a PCC Farmland Trust tote bag (every bag purchased adds $5 to the trust). Every little gift adds up and hastens our efforts to save more farms faster.

Delta Farm tour

On January 19, we’ll offer a tour of the Delta Farm in Sequim with educational insights on Farming in the Winter. Join us to learn why this is the busiest time of year for Nash Huber and his crew at Nash’s Organic Produce.

In addition to gathering with great people, think of it as a little weekend vacation — perhaps with some sunshine thrown in! We’ll hear about the ins and outs of winter vegetable production and share the challenges and successes of striving to grow vegetables 12 months a year.

We’ll spend the afternoon on a bus tour exploring the 400 acres across the valley farmed by Nash and his crew. (Wear mud boots and warm woolies!).

After a break to rest up and get warm, we’ll gather at the farm for a fresh dinner prepared by Nash’s catering team, Field to Fork. The fresh buffet will include local cheeses, wines, vegetables, grains and salmon.

We’ll also enjoy acoustic mountain blues with local musicians, dancing included. Dr. Curtis Beus, WSU Clallam County extension director, will speak on “Food from Everywhere and Nowhere.” We’ll also hear from another local group saving farmland, Friends of the Fields, and from staff of the PCC Farmland Trust.

The $45 ticket price includes transportation on a bus between the various properties, a fine meal with wine, and evening entertainment (kids 4 to 12 are $20, 3 and under are free). A Tour Only option is available at $15 for adults, $8 for kids 4 to 12, and free for 3 and under.

For more information and to register, visit the tour Web page.

If you can’t come this time, you’re always welcome at Nash’s farm. Just call Kia at 360-681-7458. She’ll gladly set up a visit.

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