Body Care in Bulk

Body care in bulk

Some of our most popular health and beauty products are available in bulk meaning you can figure out which shampoo you like best without having to buy four different bottles.

You can buy a few ounces of each to discover which ones you like and then purchase product in just the amount you want. Plus, bulk products are less expensive by the ounce than packaged products, and just as importantly, re-using containers saves precious resources of materials and the energy used to make them. It’s a win-win for customers and the environment.


Quick Tips

  • Bulk liquids are measured at the check stand by volume (fluid ounces), not weight.
  • Bring your own container or buy our plastic bottles (available in 2-, 8-, 16- or 32-ounce sizes, priced from 49 to 89 cents).
  • If you bought the packaged product first, re-use the bottle for your bulk refills. Put tape on the bar code or black it out, so you won’t be charged for the packaged product again.
  • If you have a container that is partially full, mark where you started filling. Your cashier will estimate how many ounces you filled.
  • Fill container with as much or as little as you like, then label with the product number.
  • When buying bulk solids (protein powder and bath salts), have your cashier weigh your container (if you’re not using a plastic bag) before you fill. The cashier will deduct that tare weight when ringing up your order.
  • You may also purchase products in gallon bottles for an additional discount.


Products Aplenty

We have all kinds of health and body care products available in bulk from different producers in a variety of scents*:

  • Lotion by Hugo, Alaffia and Every Day Shea
  • Shampoo/Conditioner by Hugo and Every Day Shea
  • Soap from Oregon Soap Co, Dr. Bronners and Hugo
  • Also try Every Day Shea body wash and Hugo Shower Gel

You’ll also find products like bath salts, protein powder, gelatin caps and bee pollen.

* Product selection varies from store to store.