2017 Election Results

Ben Klasky

“Thank you PCC Members for your vote! I’m honored by the opportunity to serve you as a trustee, and will do my best to represent your voices as we work together to make PCC the best that it can be.”

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Stephan Tan

“Thank you for your vote and for your active participation in our co-op. I look forward to representing the interests of PCC members and advancing the values our co-op has operated under for 60 years.”

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Bruce Williams (incumbent)

“Thank you, PCC members, for your support! I will continue working for PCC providing you great food, service, and value while being a co-op of which you can be proud.”

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June 20, 2017  PCC’s 2017 Annual Election began on April 28. Mail-in and in-store ballots were due June 7. Voting officially closed during the Annual Members’ Business Meeting on June 13. The ballots were counted following this meeting. Total valid ballots cast this year were 1,380. Thank you for your vote!


Board of Trustees

Each of the candidates were elected to a three-year term on the Board of Trustees.
  For Against
Ben Klasky 1,210 votes 53 votes
Stephen Tan 1,244 votes 59 votes
Bruce Williams (incumbent) 1,205 votes 84 votes


Nominating Committee
Janet Hietter and John Sheller were elected to two-year terms. Sara Janus and Don Nordness were elected to one-year terms.
Janet Hietter 1,060 votes
Sara Janus 1,103 votes
Don Nordness 1,043 votes
John Sheller 1,050 votes

Questions? If you have questions about the PCC elections, please call the business office at 206-547-1222 or email: board@pccmarkets.com..

Election FAQ

Learn if you’re eligible to vote, how you can run for election and more.

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Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee’s responsibilities are to recruit and screen candidates for the Board of Trustees, and nominate those applicants it believes are best qualified to serve the board’s and PCC’s needs.

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