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A product has to be pretty special to get our name on it. That’s why we work directly with real people, who pour love and labor into crafting products that are fresh, flavorful and made the right way. We prioritize Northwest producers whenever possible, making room on our shelves for one-of-a-kind finds that are organic, fairly traded and non-GMO.

PCC Coffee

PCC Organic Coffee

Tony’s Coffee | Bellingham, Washington

As coffee lovers, we’re deliberate about what makes it into your cup. That’s why we partner with award-winning coffee pioneer Tony’s to create fresh roasts made from certified organic, shade grown, fairly traded beans. We started working with Tony’s in 1998 because of their high standards. Since then, we’ve joined forces to craft seasonal Heritage Roasts and our popular custom blends, including ultra dark, dark, medium, light and decaf roasts.

PCC Organic Chocolate

PCC Organic Chocolate

K’UL® Chocolate | Bellingham, Washington

Local chocolatiers at K’UL are working with women’s cooperatives throughout the equatorial belt to source organic, fair trade cacao beans. It’s their mission to elevate the hardworking cacao farmers and make them true partners in the process. K’UL’s commitment to a more sustainable and equitable food system is why we’ve collaborated with them to create our chocolate bars.

PCC Private Label Baguette

PCC Organic Baguette

Macrina Bakery | Seattle, Washington

Hand-formed by Seattle’s own Macrina Bakery, our baguette begins with organic whole wheat from Williams Hudson Bay Farm in Touchet, Washington. The harvested grain is sent to Cairnspring Mills in Burlington, Washington, where an innovative milling technique provides a nuttier, more nutrient-dense flour. This thoughtful, locally sourced approach from seed to loaf leads to a chewy, robust bread with a crispy crust and delightfully sour bite. Our partnership with Macrina also led the bakery to pursue organic certification, which they acquired in 2018.

PCC Organic Frozen Blueberries

PCC Organic Frozen Blueberries

LaPierre Farms | Zillah, Washington

Mark LaPierre and his team handpick his certified organic blueberries daily to ensure peak ripeness. Once harvested, these sweet, pint-sized gems — the same fresh berries we gobble up every summer — are immediately frozen to preserve their quality and freshness.

PCC Private Label Eggs

PCC Organic Pastured Eggs

Wilcox Family Farms | Roy, Washington

With a deep history dating back to 1909, Wilcox is committed to sustainability and animal welfare. Using innovative mobile coops that move 100 yards per week, they are able to provide their chickens with continuous access to fresh pastures where the hens can roam and forage freely. These happy hens supply PCC with fresh and hardboiled eggs that contain more vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids than eggs from confined chickens.

PCC Private Label Juice

PCC Organic Cold-Pressed Juice

Healeo | Seattle, Washington

Every bottle of our cold-pressed juice begins with whole, organic fruits and vegetables, including the peels, stems and cores — you won’t find added sugar, water, purees or preservatives. This commitment to keeping it pure is why we’ve partnered with Healeo to create flavorful blends using PCC’s most beloved recipes.

PCC Private Label Cleansing Bar

PCC Cleansing Body Bar

Moon Valley Organics | Deming, Washington

Moon Valley grows their own certified organic herbs and combines them with other exceptional ingredients, such as organic beeswax and antioxidant-rich oils, to create our luxuriant body bars. Available in a variety of scents, these nourishing bars will keep your skin silky soft and well moisturized.

PCC Non-GMO Sausage

PCC Sausage

Mondo & Sons | Tukwila, Washington

This fourth-generation neighborhood butcher has been family-owned and operated since 1932 and partners with us since 1997. Today, they make a wide variety of sausages without antibiotics, nitrates or preservatives. From smoked chicken andouille to pork chorizo sausage, these expertly crafted links are flavored with local ingredients.

PL Chicken

PCC Organic Chicken

Pitman Farms | Sanger, California

Founded in 1954, Pitman Farms was first in their industry to be verified with the Non-GMO Project. Their passion for responsible farming, thoughtful regard for animal welfare and efforts to minimize their environmental impact guarantee high-quality, free-range, organic chicken.


PCC Organic Turkey

Diestel Family Ranch | Sonora, California

Founded in 1949, Diestel Family Ranch has been raising their turkeys the old-fashioned way for four generations. The birds are given generous space to roam and are fed organic grains milled on the farm, which results in tender, juicy turkeys that are available every holiday season at PCC.

PCC Organic Frozen Fruit

PCC Organic Frozen Fruit

Various Partner Farms

All of our organic frozen fruit is picked and frozen at just the right moment, ensuring fresh flavor in every bag. Enjoy certified organic raspberries, peaches or strawberries in everything from smoothies to sauces, pies to pancakes. We also offer a tropical blend with bananas, mangos and pineapple, or try our triple berry blend with blackberries, blueberries and strawberries.

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