2017 Nominating Committee Candidates

The nominating committee’s responsibilities are to recruit and screen candidates for the board of trustees, and nominate those applicants it believes are best qualified to serve the board’s and PCC’s needs.

Our Bylaws provide that nominating committee terms are two years. The nominating committee is divided into two groups, with each group’s term expiring on alternate years so that there is some continuity from year to year. Two applicants (Janet Hietter and John Sheller) ran and were elected for two-year terms and two applicants (Sara Janus and Don Nordness) ran and were elected for one-year terms. For more information, visit PCC’s Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws.

Read our Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws

Nominating Committee Statements

Janet Hietter

I appreciate PCC as a source for nourishing food and a model of how a cooperative business committed to sustainability can enhance our community. A strong board of trustees is important to the co-op’s continued and future success.

I served on PCC’s nominating committee in previous years and would welcome serving again.

My background includes 18 years in human resources management, providing guidance and counsel to executives on organizational and leadership issues and managing teams in delivering HR services. I completed Seattle University’s Executive Leadership Program, have a BA from The Ohio State University and was a Certified Compensation Professional.

Sara Janus

With over 16 years of work experience at PCC, mainly within the Human Resources department, I am passionate about the co-op’s future and success. As PCC continues to grow and thrive in a competitive market, our unique triple bottom line approach and high product standards will be what sets us part form the competition.

We have instilled trust in members and shoppers, and the board plays a critical role of representing the PCC membership and shaping the future of co-op.

I would be honored the serve on the nominating committee and contribute to the board of trustees selection process.

Don Nordness

PCC has been an important part of my life for more than 40 years. I’ve been involved as a member, as a supplier and as a business owner providing services to PCC. I’ve also been a board member for another local cooperative.

Having previously served on the nominating committee for PCC, I’ve gained insight into the important role of our board of trustees and into the need to recruit candidates with the skills and knowledge necessary for our success.

I would be honored to help select nominees that will complement and enhance the existing skill set of our trustees.

John Sheller

I recently completed two terms on the PCC board of trustees and am current with the challenges and responsibilities those seeking to serve our co-op will face. During my tenure with the PCC board, I served as the board representative for the nominating committee and was impressed with the diligence and professionalism committee members exercised. Additionally, I have over 20 years’ experience evaluating applicants, conducting employment interviews and selecting staff for the King County Library System.

Each year, PCC receives applications from well-qualified candidates. If elected to the nominating committee, I will do my utmost to ensure the candidates we recommend will be the best possible match for our co-op.