Election FAQ

Voting in PCC’s election is one of the most important ways members can participate in the governance of our cooperative. You have the opportunity to vote for candidates for PCC’s board of trustees and for PCC’s nominating committee. PCC’s board of trustees is responsible for setting its strategic direction and for hiring and supervising the CEO, who is responsible for all operations. Through PCC’s Ends Policies, the board also ensures that overall policies and activities reflect member values and advance the co-op’s best interests.

Q: How do I know if I’m eligible to vote?

A: You are eligible to vote if your signature is on the original member application for your household and you are an active member of PCC Community Markets (PCC). No one else may vote on behalf of you or your household.

Q: How do I know if I’m an “Active Member” and thereby eligible to vote?

A: You are an active member of PCC if you have a valid membership and you have purchased goods at PCC within the last 12 months. You may vote only if your membership is active as of the eligibility date set by the Board of Trustees each election year. If you have questions, contact the PCC Co-op office at 206-547-1222 or email membership@pccmarkets.com.

Q: Who can run for election to the board?

A: Any active PCC member can apply to be considered for board service if the member is at least 21 years old and meets the eligibility requirements of PCC’s Bylaws section 3.3. The nominee selection criteria generally include business leadership and acumen, community leadership, familiarity with the cooperative business model, experience with Policy Governance (the governance system by which the PCC board operates), prior board service, and a demonstrated commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Each year the board and management may also advise the Nominating Committee of other specific skills, competencies or experience they feel would most benefit PCC at that particular time. The goal is always to compose a highly qualified, diverse board that can operate effectively to guide our growing and complex cooperative business.

Q: Who chooses the slate of board candidates?

A: PCC’s nominating committee is a separate and independent entity responsible for choosing the annual slate of board candidates. The PCC Board of Trustees appoints one trustee to serve on the Nominating Committee. Each year the nominating committee evaluates application materials, chooses applicants for formal interviews, selects candidates, and presents a final slate of candidates to the board and to members. The current and anticipated needs of the co-op are assessed, qualifications of candidates carefully reviewed and extensive deliberation conducted. Because the ultimate purpose of evaluating applicants and selecting candidates is to compose a highly qualified, diverse board that can operate effectively to guide our growing and complex cooperative business, the nominating committee’s responsibility is to nominate those applicants it believes are best qualified to serve the board’s and PCC’s needs. PCC Bylaws require the nominating committee to nominate at least three candidates for consideration by the membership.

The process of governing PCC, including electing qualified trustees each year, ultimately rests in the hands of the membership. Your board and Nominating Committee, and the co-op’s dedicated staff, work on behalf of all members toward PCC’s continued success. Thank you for participating in our cooperative’s governance with your vote.

For more information visit our PCC’s Bylaws page.