2015 Annual Election Results

(May 22, 2015) — PCC’s 2015 annual election began on April 28 and ended May 18. The ballots were counted at a public meeting on Thursday, May 21.

Nominating committee chair and board candidates
Board of Trustees
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* The top three candidates were elected to three-year terms on PCC’s Board of Trustees.
Maggie Lucas* 1,855* votes
Sandy Voit* 1,633* votes
Michael Hutchings* 1,221* votes
Jason Filippini 1,126 votes
Nominating Committee
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All four candidates were elected to one-year terms on the 2015-2016 PCC Nominating Committee.
Sara Walsh 1,831 votes
Leanne Skooglund Hofford 1,723 votes
Karen Gaudette Brewer 1,705 votes
Mary Simon 1,686 votes

Quorum required for board election is 3 percent of active membership.

Total valid ballots cast: 2,152 (3.896 percent of 55,225 active members)

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About PCC’s annual election

A nine-member board of trustees directs PCC. Trustees serve three-year terms. There are three open trustee positions each year. An election is held each May to fill those positions.

The membership also selects a nominating committee in the annual election, choosing up to six members who serve for one year. The nominating committee recruits, screens and presents a slate of candidates to the membership for consideration in each annual election. The bylaws also provide a mechanism for candidates to be nominated by petition.

All active members may vote in all PCC elections. In addition to the annual elections, members may also vote on member initiatives or amendments to the articles or bylaws.

Quorums for all elections are set forth in PCC’s Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws, Section V, Paragraph 4.



If you have questions about the PCC elections, please contact Janice Parker at 206-547-1222, ext. 126, or email: janice.parker@pccmarkets.com

2015 Board Candidate Statements & Videos

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2015 Nominating COmmittee Candidates

The Nominating Committee’s responsibilities are to recruit and screen candidates for the Board of Trustees, and nominate those applicants it believes are best qualified to serve the Board’s and PCC’s needs.

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