2016 Annual Report

Annual report 2016

Cate Hardy

A message from the CEO

Cate Hardy, CEO of PCC Natural Markets, takes a look at our triple bottom line and how we measured our success in 2016.

Julianne Lamsek

A message from the board

You’ll find a short overview of 2016 accomplishments and a look to the immediate future in this letter from our Board of Trustees Chair, Julianne Lamsek.

Columbia City opening

Year in review

Take a peek at a few highlights for 2016, our commitment to our members is to deliver success across a triple bottom line: Run a financially healthy business while making a positive social and environmental impact. We believe we accomplished this in 2016.

2016 Financial Statement

Looking to do some number crunching? You’ll find the complete 2016 details in this pdf, including sales and operating expenses.

Board of Trustees

Current board of trustees

Chief Executive Officer

Cate Hardy

Chief Financial Officer

Randy Lee

Executive Assistant to the CEO and Board of Trustees’

Marquesa Lloyd


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