Spring dishes in the PCC Deli

This article was originally published in March 2016

Spring has emerged in the PCC Deli with a new roster of seasonal dishes using fresh ingredients. From peppery radishes to grassy asparagus, our rotating lineup offers an array of bright, springtime flavors. These five favorites will have you dreaming of sunshine and flowers in no time.

Rockin’ Raw Kale Salad

Lacinato kale and crisp apples are paired with chunks of creamy avocado and radish slices, then tossed in a sweet honey-lemon-ginger dressing in this raw dish. Sunflower seeds are sprinkled over the top for extra nutrition and crunch.

Turnip the Greens

Thinly sliced radishes, shredded turnips, lacinato kale, peas and cucumbers are combined in a light basil pesto and topped with Parmesan cheese.

Ravishing Radishes

Inspired by North African cuisines, this dish features radishes, garbanzo beans, cherry tomatoes, green onions and chunks of feta cheese in a sumac dressing.

Asparagus Orzo Salad

Perhaps the perfect spring salad, this simple and elegant orzo features asparagus spears in a lemony dressing tossed with feta, kalamata olives, thinly sliced red onions and Herbs de Provence for a Mediterranean spin.

Greek Salad with Mint

Crunchy chunks of cucumber and red onion contrast with the salty punch of feta and kalamata olives, tomatoes and refreshing chopped mint in this traditional salad.

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