Sweet satsumas

This article was originally published in December 2015

sweet satsumas

A bright beacon on any holiday table, satsumas are one of the best wintertime gifts Mother Nature has to offer.

They boast plenty of heart-healthy vitamin C, plus folate and potassium, and help boost immunity during cold-and-flu season. Plus, they’re extraordinarily easy to peel and an absolute standout for sweetness and flavor. Rich Johansen and his team at Johansen Ranch in Orland, Calif. — a sun-drenched valley tucked between the Sierra Nevada and coastal mountain ranges — have supplied PCC with these tree-ripened gems for the past two decades. Johansen Ranch has been growing their seedless Owari satsumas since 1960.

While satsumas are superb simply eaten out of hand, they also can be incorporated into a variety of dishes. We recommend picking up a box of them and enjoying their zesty aroma and tangy sweetness every way you can.


Great satsuma recipes

Get five fantastic recipes using satsumas, including Chocolate-dipped Satsumas; Arugula, Pomegranate and Satsuma Salad; and Satsuma-Rosemary Muffins. Start cooking »

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