Tradition is what you make it

This article was originally published in November 2015

tradition is what you make it
How do you observe Thanksgiving? For starters, you might call it Friendsgiving, and get together with a motley crew of close friends. You might spend the day delivering meals to families in need, running a marathon, or staying cozy and scheduling your dinner plans around football. You might even spend most of your time in airports.

When it comes to the actual meal, it seems like there’s a different mix of traditions in every home. Is the stuffing made from sourdough or cornbread (or do you insist on calling it dressing)? Do you go Italian, with a pit-roasted turkey and a side of risotto? Are the Filipino staples of pancit and peche peche a part of your menu? There are so many possibilities that can feel just right: A big pot of collards and a sweet potato pie; several fragrant vegetable curries and basmati rice; a mountain of spicy pork tamales, or using your homegrown greens in a healthy Seattle-style side dish. However you observe the day, we hope you find plenty that inspires gratitude, and that you find ways to share your own traditions with people whose company you enjoy.

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