Dessert wine cocktails

This article was originally published in November 2014

Dessert wines are often reserved for special occasions — as a result, their flavors can be unfamiliar or even a little intimidating. Why not transform them into a festive cocktail? These wintery concoctions are so good you may just want to make them part of your regular repertoire.

Imbue Spritz

A little sweet and a little savory, this festive cocktail is perfect for any holiday party. Fruity Cava and a hint of citrus are the perfect complement to the herbaceous and slightly bitter vermouth, while rosemary adds an earthy depth.
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Cape Cobbler

Cape Cod meets Sherry Cobbler in this muddling of two classic cocktails. Sweet and silky sherry gets a tart, juicy kick from the cranberry and orange.
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Winter White Sangria

Who says sangria is just for summer? This one is perfect for those cold winter nights in front of the fire. Pears and spice and everything nice, this will warm you to the core and is the perfect make-ahead drink for any occasion.
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4 favorite dessert wines

Quady Essensia

Made with orange muscat grapes, the experience of Essensia is unmistakable: A rich gold in the glass is accompanied by spicy orange-apricot-pear flavors and aromas, blanched with perfect fruit acidity to finish clean, tempting you for one more sip.

Finnriver Spirited Apple Wine

If you could marry the lush, tangy brilliance of ice wine with the earthy, apply warmth of Calvados, you’d have something like this. It’s charming, contemplative, luscious, focused, sweet-but-not-over-the-top and just way too delicious to not have sip after warming sip.

Imbue Petal & Thorne

Petal & Thorne is a handcrafted contradiction with elements of both beauty and beast. The feminine aromas as well as the delectably pleasing sweetness are corseted by a robust and beastly bitter finish. Aromas of chamomile and orange-peel waft from the glass, with more orange, pine and cinnamon on the palate. A broad silky texture and pleasing sweetness lend weight to the mouth feel, before ultimately giving way to the assertive Amaro-inspired, bitter finish.

Lustau East India Solera

A dark mahogany color with bronze hues, this wine features concentrated aromas of ripe fruit, mocha, cacao and toffee with flavors of raisins, nuts and candied orange. After aging separately in their own soleras, the Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez that comprise it are combined and undergo a second aging process in a solera of 33 barrels that replicates the climatic conditions the wines would have experienced on their transatlantic journeys of the 17th century.

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