The beginner’s guide to healthier baking

This article was originally published in May 2014

Local author (and founding owner of Flying Apron bakery) Jennifer Katzinger has a gorgeous new book. Honey & Oats is her first featuring flours with gluten.

The essential message of Honey & Oats: celebrate the variety of grains! Katzinger notes their differences from wheat, including variations in protein and gluten content, but since they still do contain gluten, baking with them isn’t the entirely different experience that gluten-free baking is. The four she recommends as particularly approachable are spelt, kamut, emmer and einkorn, all of which are wheat relatives and create elastic, tender dough.

When asked about her daughter’s preference, she says, “My experience with Lilli might be unique to her. Introducing a variety of healthy foods to her at a very early age while avoiding sweets, has perhaps influenced what she is attracted to.” Her suggestions for kid-friendly flours echo the recommendations for experimental bakers: spelt, kamut and einkorn make another appearance, along with oats.

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