Gluten free at PCC

This article was originally published in May 2014

Gluten-free eating can be based on two different approaches. One method is based on substitutions — corn tortillas for flour, rice pasta for durum wheat — and allows for eaters to easily replace convenience foods. The alternative method involves shifting toward foods that are naturally gluten-free. Either way, there’s a world of great options to explore.


Two approaches

Even with clear labels, a gluten-free diet can be intimidating simply because there’s so much to learn — gluten can hide in surprising places, like soy sauce or marinara sauce.

There’s an easy way to eat gluten-free: Choose foods that are inherently free from gluten, like fresh fruit and vegetables, meats and seafood, hard cider, and a wide range of dairy products. Versatile seasonings like top quality sea salt, balsamic vinegar, and citrus or nut oils provide delicious, creative choices for flavor. To satisfy a sweet tooth, enjoy some great chocolate, ice cream or crème brûlée.

Or, if you love the basics like toast or macaroni and cheese, take heart. New gluten-free products are developed all the time, and our understanding of gluten-free grain blending is growing rapidly. Eating one gluten-free pasta you didn’t like doesn’t mean there isn’t one you’ll love, and these days, you can even find tasty gluten-free beer.


We make gluten-free eating easy

We have a clear system for highlighting gluten-free foods on our shelves. Products that have been identified by their manufacturer as gluten-free receive an easily spotted orange shelf tag. We carry nearly 4,000 products with this tag.

Consider signing up for a gluten-free version of our free Walk, Talk and Taste tours. Led by our nutrition educators, this 90-minute class introduces foods you may not have tried before. We also have gluten-free kids morning camp programs and a selection of gluten-free cooking classes.

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Sesmark Rice Thins

Whether you’re accessorizing a cheese plate or a bowl of dip, Brown Rice Sesmark Thins bring toasty flavor and delicate crunch.


Amy’s Burritos

Eating gluten-free shouldn’t deprive you of modern convenience. Look for Bean & Rice, Bean & Cheese or Tofu Scramble with hash browns and veggies.


Whole Grain Breads

You don’t have to forgo flavorful morning toast or great sandwiches, thanks to Udi’s Whole Grain and Canyon Bakehouse’s San Juan 7-grain.


Stark Raving Pizza

This locally made pizza earns top marks from gluten-free and gluten-loving diners, thanks to its thin and crispy crust.


Jovial Brown Rice Pasta

Use these firm-textured noodles for everything from an Asian salad to spaghetti and meatballs. Four shapes to choose from.

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