Spring pie and toppings

This article was originally published in April 2014

5 tip-top toppings

A great dessert deserves the perfect topping — and there are easy options that go beyond whipped cream or ice cream.

Willapa White or Tieton Farm & Creamery Bianca

Plenty of people don’t have a sweet tooth. For them, spring’s strawberry rhubarb desserts will be perfectly complemented with a slice of delicately tangy, local fresh cheese liked Tieton’s Bianca or Willapa White.

Double Devon Cream

This thick, scoopable, unsweetened cream from high butterfat Jersey milk is a dairy-lover’s dream come true. Add a dollop on top of a warm fruit tart, and the cream will slowly melt, adding absolute luxury to every bite.

Grace Harbor Farms yogurt

This locally made yogurt has some subtle differences from other yogurts, thanks to qualities inherent in the milk from Guernsey cows. It has a mild, natural sweetness and a pretty pale gold color, with a medium level of butterfat.

Luna & Larry Vanilla Island Coconut Bliss

À la mode pie is an inescapable tradition, but there’s no reason it has to be dairy-based. Smooth, creamy, coconut-milk frozen desserts aren’t just a replacement for those avoiding milk: To some omnivorous palates, they’re better than the original


Not so humble pie

Throughout the seasons, you’ll always find fresh fruit in our PCC Bakery pies. Choose from two crumb-topped fruit pies for April: Strawberry Rhubarb or Apple. Make it à la mode or try one of our fresh suggestions to top your slice.

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