Nuts for your health

This article was originally published in April 2014

Sprinkled over salads or simply eaten by the handful, nuts are chock full of beneficial nutrients. They may reduce the risk of heart disease, lower “bad” cholesterol and may even help with weight loss. You’ll find a wide variety — from almonds to pistachios — in the bulk department at PCC. Here are our five bestsellers and what makes them so good for you.



Rich in calcium, almonds actually contain more of the bone-strengthening mineral than an equal amount of cow’s milk. Almonds contain the most fiber compared to other nuts and have the most vitamin E — a powerful antioxidant. Plus, almonds contain more protein per serving than eggs!

SERVING: About 23 nuts; CALORIES: 170; FAT: 15 grams


Packed with plant sterols that can help lower cholesterol, pecans contain more than 20 vitamins and minerals. Their antioxidants may help prevent plaque formation in your arteries. They’re also rich in oleic acid, the healthy fat found in olive oil.

SERVING: About 18 halves; CALORIES: 200; FAT: 21 grams


Cashews are abundant in iron and zinc, which can help deliver oxygen to your cells and strengthen your immune system, respectively. They also are a good source of magnesium, which may help improve memory and protect against age-related memory loss.

SERVING: About 18 nuts; CALORIES: 165; FAT: 13 grams


Possessing the most antioxidants of all nuts, disease-fighting walnuts can help protect your body from cellular damage. They’re rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which support brain function. Specifically, walnuts are a great way to get your dose of omega-3s if you don’t like fish.

SERVING: About 14 halves; CALORIES: 185; FAT: 18 grams


The “skinniest” of nuts pistachios have less than four calories each. They offer plenty of fiber and potassium, which is necessary for a healthy nervous system. They’re a good source of vitamin B6 as well, which can improve your mood, support your immune system and keep hormones balanced and healthy.

SERVING: About 50 nuts; CALORIES: 160; FAT: 14 grams


On sale in April

You’ll find many nut options in our bulk department, from roasted to raw, seasoned to sliced. In April, our most popular seller for each variety listed above will be on sale.


Toasting nuts

Get a richer, more intense flavor by toasting nuts. To toast kernels, spread them in a single layer on a baking sheet and bake at 275° F for 15 to 20 minutes. Take care not to over-roast as nuts can scorch quickly.


Storing nuts

Store nuts in an air-tight container in the refrigerator or freezer for maximum freshness. Due to their high oil content, nuts easily can go rancid from light and heat exposure. Cooler temperatures slow down staling and prevent rancidity. Freezing them will not change their structure or flavor.

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