Easter favorites

This article was originally published in April 2014

Easter bunnies and marshmallow chicks? Yes, indeed — and ours are thoughtfully selected from local producers and Fair Trade chocolatiers. Find these and other Easter treats, including vegetable-based egg coloring kits, to get you ready for the holiday.

Little Rae’s Marshmallow Chicks

Made in a local peanut- and nut-free bakery, these little chicks are a soft, sweet springtime classic for Easter baskets, topping a cupcake or sweetening up a mug of cocoa. Their pink and yellow colors are plant-based.

Green Toys Jump Rope

Celebrate the season with a toy that will motivate kids to play outside. The handles on this cotton jump rope are 100 percent recycled plastic. The length stretches to 7 feet, but it’s adjustable to shorter lengths.

Big Dipper Beeswax Song Bird Candles

These adorable beeswax birds are every bit as lovely as our local wrens and finches, but decidedly less chirpy than the real thing. Posed in both upright and pecking positions, each candle is hand-molded and sits 3 inches tall.

Glob Easter Egg Coloring Kits

This natural dye kit contains colors based on cabbage, annatto and radish and has three bamboo brushes. Blend the colors for a range of tones, and experiment with the included instructions for lovely leaf print patterns.

Chocolate Bunnies

You’ll find an assortment of adorable Easter bunnies in an array of sizes, shapes and chocolate types. What do they have in common? Every one of them is made with Fair Trade chocolate.


Easter Fun Events

Join us Saturday, April 12 at Edmonds, Fremont, Greenlake, Redmond and West Seattle locations for Easter craft parties with a visit from the Easter bunny. At Issaquah, you’ll find our annual egg hunt. More details on our events page.

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