What’s in store for March

This article was originally published in March 2014

Vitamin Angels

For the sixth consecutive year, PCC joins the nonprofit Vitamin Angels in helping to preserve children’s eyesight. During the month of March, PCC will donate 25 cents for every bottle of PCC brand vitamins or supplements sold. That 25 cents is exactly how much it costs to provide a child with a year’s supply of the necessary vitamin A and antiparasitics to prevent blindness. There’s no better time to stock up: Throughout March, all varieties and sizes of PCC vitamins and supplements will be 20 percent off.

Vitamin Angels is dedicated to providing vital nutritional supplements to developing countries in need. They’re currently working to eliminate childhood blindness by the year 2020, through the systematic distribution of vitamin A to at-risk children.


Pi Day

The most famous irrational number meets our famously delicious bakery pies on March 14. We celebrate both pi and pie with 5-inch, crumb-top pies in mixed berry, apple or strawberry rhubarb for just — math nerds have probably guessed it — $3.14. Sorry, our cash registers won’t calculate the price out to $3.14159.


Soup’s on

Cozy up with a bowl of soup and your favorite crackers. Throughout the month, you’ll find special offers on fresh soups in the PCC Deli, heat-and-eat varieties on our shelves, and all sorts of delicious crackers. Ward off a cold or just warm yourself up!


Tea tastings

Whether you’re already a tea lover or simply curious, our month of tastings will educate and inspire. Each event will feature teas prepared by experts who know how to brew the perfect cup. Most tastings will feature multiple tea companies, including Equal Exchange and Yogi, and we’ll have a special event introducing Choice Organic Teas’ new line of Bastyr-approved Wellness Teas. All events are scheduled from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at our locations in Issaquah (Wellness Teas sampling on March 1), Redmond (March 8), West Seattle (March 15) and Edmonds (March 22). Check our calendar for times and locations.


Washington wine month

We love seeking out small producers from the wine regions around our state; tasting from border to border is like the easiest road trip imaginable. Throughout the month, we’ll be offering specials on a variety of Washington-grown wines and welcoming back “40 Days” and “40 Nights” wines from Dusted Valley — PCC exclusive blends that we help create.


In Season Now: Halibut, potatoes & cabbage


Celebrate the start of the Alaska season! You’ll find fresh fillets in our meat department by the end of March, or save prep time with flavorful Halibut Dijon from our Natural Express selections.


From kimchee to coleslaw, crunchy, sturdy cabbage is popular around the world. Tomato Cabbage Soup is available in the PCC Deli, or braise sliced green cabbage with a little cream.


Potatoes are a beloved, versatile, winter-to-spring transition ingredient. Cozy up with a baked russet, use Yukon golds in a rich soup, or try baby reds in a warm potato salad.

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