King Cod

This article was originally published in March 2014

Sustainable choices that make a difference

Cod doesn’t get enough attention in a region where salmon reigns supreme. Most commonly known for its role in classic fish and chips or as the salted fish beloved throughout the Iberian peninsula, cod is a mild, dense and flaky white fish, perfectly adaptable to any number of recipes that call for catfish, rockfish, sole or even halibut. It’s a kid-friendly source for omega-3 fats, too; on average, cod contains just a bit less than sockeye salmon.

Steaming is an easy, extremely healthy way of cooking cod. First, line your steamer basket with aromatics like celery leaves, carrot tops, fresh herbs or lemon slices. Lay the cod fillets or steaks on top of the aromatics, then fill the pan with enough water to come very close to the bottom of the steamer basket without actually submerging it. Cover the pan tightly, set it over medium-high heat and steam for about 7 minutes, until the fish is just cooked through. You can eat the fish alongside your favorite side dishes, or use in sandwiches, pasta, or our cod cake recipe.

Our cod is caught using sustainable methods, and like all the fish we offer, is rated either a “Good” or “Best” choice by the Seafood Watch program. You can find it in the seafood department.


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