PCC’s Wine + Beer Department

This article was originally published in February 2014

Uncommon wines, unexpected quality, great value. We aim to offer you more than the usual brands, so we’ve based our selection of bottles on independent, family-owned wineries whose quality goes well beyond what you’d expect at their price points.


Around the world in 80 sips

Instead of waiting for great wines to find us, we go find them. We travel the miles, meet the producers and import our finds directly, rather than work through a distributor.


We believe in better bubbles

We think a lot of Champagne brands are better at advertising than they are at making wine. We work with small producers whose excellent bubbles are priced far lower than what you’d expect to pay for fizz this fine.


This is what here tastes like

We live in Cascadia, and we love its spirit, from the big fruit and warm, gravelly flavors of Washington to Oregon’s dedication to diversity in both grape varietals and winemaking techniques.


Partnerships we’re proud to shout about

We play a direct role in developing these blends every year, working with some of our favorite Washington wineries to produce affordable, interesting wines that aren’t found anywhere else.

Terra Blanca

Our newest venture is with Terra Blanca in the Yakima Valley.

  • Way Out West “Roosevelt Red” is a sturdy, spicy, merlot-driven blend
  • Way Out West “Roll On, Columbia” is a bright, elegant chardonnay

Powers and Chinook

Two partnerships contribute to programs dear to our heart, working to preserve farmland and salmon habitat in Washington.

  • Powers Winery Cabernet Sauvignon & Chardonnay benefit PCC Farmland Trust
  • Chinook Yakima Valley Red & Yakima Valley White benefit Long Live the Kings

Dusted Valley and Lost River

These partnerships produce wines that have been known to sell out. Keep an eye out for spring releases of these wines from Walla Walla and the Methow Valley.

  • Dusted Valley “40 Days” & “40 Nights”
  • Lost River “Salish Sea” White

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