The health benefits of dark chocolate

This article was originally published in February 2014

Thanks to unique antioxidants found naturally in the cocoa bean, dark chocolate has been recognized as a health food.

Chocolate researchers have demonstrated that chocolate’s special molecules (flavonols) can improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels, protect our blood vessels from damage, and enhance overall circulation and blood flow. New research is examining chocolate’s potential in improving brain function (including memory), and cocoa may be especially helpful in fighting inflammation.

However these health benefits only apply to dark chocolate made with a minimum of 65% (or ideally more) of cocoa. Milk chocolate has more sugar and milk than actual chocolate, and therefore does not qualify as a health food.

Cocoa powder, on the otherhand, provides all of the health benefits of chocolate, without the added calories from added sugars. It offers double the amount of antioxidants as a bar of dark chocolate, and as much fiber as most fruits and vegetables. Cocoa powder also is a rich source of many essential minerals, including magnesium, copper and iron.

Additionally, theobromine — one of many compounds found naturally in chocolate — is an effective cough suppressant (more effective than prescription drugs); it works by relaxing the nerves and muscles of the lungs (also may be useful for asthma). Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate to boost your mood, kick your cough, and load up on antioxidants at the same time. Adding a pinch of warming cinnamon, or cayenne will offer even more health benefits, and make it a real hot chocolate.



  • Chocolate contains more antioxidants than red wine or green tea.
  • PCC sells only fairly traded cocoa powders and chocolate bars.
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder can help prevent cavities.
  • Theobroma cacao is the Latin name of the “Food of the Gods.”
  • These words can be used interchangeably when describing the “Food of the Gods.”
  • Hot chocolate got its name from being consumed with hot spices (not because of its temperature).

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