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This article was originally published in February 2014

PCC podcast: Market Nights

Hear about PCC’s involvement in Market Nights, a special program in schools, where a simulated farmers market is set up for kids to learn about healthy eating.


Discover leafy greens

Watch and learn about hearty winter varieties, buying tips for leafy greens and their wide-ranging health benefits.


Make parsnip fries

PCC Chef Jackie Freeman brings kids and parents into the kitchen to help make oven-baked Parsnip Fries.


PCC Chef Lynne Vea

Watch as Chef Lynne teaches you how to make 6 easy dressings; they’re an inspiration for winter salads.


PCC Healthy Kids

Market Nights make nutrition fun

King County Public Health’s “Eat Better, Feel Better” program and Seattle Public Schools have teamed up with PCC Healthy Kids for a series of fun, educational Market Night events at six local elementary schools. These events get kids excited about fresh produce — and teach them about nutrition.

PCC donates seasonal produce to the schools, and students are provided with an allotment of play money so they can “purchase” a tote bag full of produce to take home that evening. They get to choose the produce from our seasonal selection; it’s a great opportunity for the kids to buy the produce they love to eat. Market Nights not only help further the students’ math skills, they encourage them to try unfamiliar ingredients and to learn more about the nutritional benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables.

This year, the events are scheduled to begin in mid-March. We’ll be visiting Van Asselt, John Muir, Maple, Dearborn Park and Bailey Gatzert elementary schools, and South Shore K-8 School. Before the evening event, our Kid Picks Mobile will visit during the school day, so 4th and 5th graders have the opportunity to taste and evaluate the fruits and vegetables. Each school’s event will include cooking demos and other activities for both the students and their families.

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