Bulk spotlight: liquids

This article was originally published in October 2013

Intimidated by the thought of buying liquids in bulk? Fear not! Filling a bottle is no more difficult than filling a bag of coffee beans, and buying in bulk lets you purchase precisely the amount you need.

In many cases, there are sizeable savings per ounce with bulk liquid purchases, so if honey or canola oil is a household staple, you can afford to stock up. Maybe best of all, bulk purchasing is a sustainable choice, because it substantially reduces the amount of packaging.

Shopping the bulk department also is a great way to test out unfamiliar products. Trying to decide if Grade B maple syrup will work for your holiday baking? Curious about the flavor of sunflower oil? Now you can take home an ounce or two and see what you think when adding them to your favorite recipes.

We offer glass and plastic containers in sizes from 2-ounce bottles to 32-ounce tubs. You’re also welcome to bring your own container. Just ask the cashier to weigh it before you fill it up, so we don’t charge you for its weight. Use the pens and tape provided to mark your containers with the bin number and you’re ready to take your new purchases home.


What you’ll find at PCC

  • Bragg Liquid Aminos
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Grade B Maple Syrup
  • Pacific Northwest Clover Honey
  • Pure Agave Nectar
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Shoyu
  • Wheat-Free Reduced Sodium Tamari
  • Wheat-Free Tamari
  • Canola Oil Refined
  • Unrefined Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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