DIY dessert fun

This article was originally published in July 2013

Three inventive ice cream sandwiches

We adore the quintessential ice cream sandwich but why settle for just vanilla and chocolate? Transform the classic formula into a deliciously creative, decadent summer treat. Try these three winning combos, which begin with an item from our bakery case in the PCC Deli and then are matched with a perfect pint from our freezer case.

The sweet dream

The macaroons from locally based Parisian Star Desserts are amazing on their own. But cut one in half, spread with Double Rainbow’s Dulce de Leche ice cream, and now we’re talking. The ribbons of caramel mingle wonderfully with the coconut and chocolate for a sandwich reminiscent of a Girl Scout Samoa.

Double Take

That’s right, a donut ice cream sandwich made with local ingredients! Take an organic chocolate cake donut from Mighty-O Donuts and slice it horizontally. Place a generous slab of Full Tilt’s Mexican Chocolate ice cream on the bottom half, top with the other donut half, and devour.

Snickerdoodle Dandy

Try this cinnamon explosion of epic proportion. Take two PCC Bakery Snickerdoodle cookies and sandwich Snoqualmie Honey Cinnamon ice cream between them. Then crush a cup of Cascadian Farm Cinnamon Crunch cereal or any other cereal or granola and roll the edges in the cereal to coat the ice cream.


Quick tip

Lay a pint of ice cream on its side and slice into even rounds for a no-fuss way to get perfect sandwich layers every time.

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