Learn to cook with Quick Cooks videos

This article was originally published in April 2013

Delicious basics, step-by-step

Whether you’re a rookie cook or want to hone your technique, join PCC Chef Lynne Vea in these speedy and fun step-by-step tutorials that will enable you to prepare countless terrific meals. Check out the series »

Cheese: delicious ways to use it in your cooking

Chef Lynne shares four types of cheese she keeps on hand in her kitchen that can boost the flavor and appeal of just about any dish, from pasta to soups to steak. Plus, serving tips! Watch video

Easy homemade vinaigrette

Make lovely custom salad dressings with items you likely already have in your pantry. Chef Lynne shares three of her favorite versatile recipes that can dress salads, fruit, antipasto and more. Watch video

Tofu know-how

Learn when to choose silken, firm or extra-firm tofu for your cooking; how to whip up a simple marinade to add wonderful flavor; and easy recipes to enjoy this affordable staple at any meal. Watch video

Browse our entire library of PCC Quick Cooks videos and cook something delicious.

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