What’s in store for February

This article was originally published in February 2013

In the PCC Bakery

Be mine

Woo your valentine with a single-layer, 9-inch, heart-shaped Heart Cake from the PCC Bakery, made with organic flour and cane sugar and available in vegan chocolate or Devil’s food flavors. Or try our mini or standard-size Pink-frosted Cupcakes, with chocolate cake and vanilla frosting dyed pink with natural food coloring. And don’t miss our smooth and rich Secret Recipe Fudge, crafted from the family recipe of one of our PCC bakers.


In the PCC Deli

Deli salads for wintertime

Brighten up the darkness of February with dishes in the PCC Deli that are cozy, flavorful and filled with lean protein. Tiger Mountain Chili, our most popular soup, is hearty and warming. Simmered with spices, organic tomatoes and kidney beans, it features ground turkey from Diestel Family Farms and sautéed organic peppers and onions. The always-seasonal Turkish Garbanzo Salad is a cheery blend of organic garbanzo beans and organic Turkish apricots, marinated in an herbal Mediterranean dressing and accented with kalamata olives. Or try our Grass-fed Thai Steak Salad and escape the winter blahs. Sunny citrus and spices combine with PCC grass-fed beef for a delicious, pick-me-up meal.


In the PCC grocery

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with caramels

“Caramel is the new chocolate,” say those in the know — particularly the locally made, small-batch variety. Whether naked or robed in chocolate, these caramels make a decadent gift for your sweetheart.

Theo Casanova Caramels, a thin layer of chocolate enveloping rich, chewy caramel, will have your loved one swooning on Valentine’s Day. Each box of organic Casanova Caramels contains four flavorful aphrodisiacs: Honey Saffron, Pink Salted, Lavender Jalapeño and Ginger Rose. Available through February 15.

Jonboy Caramels make their delicious caramels by hand, even down to wrapping each piece individually. Boxes contain soft, sweet and buttery Salted Caramel, Molasses Ginger or Absinthe with Black Salt.

Fran’s Chocolates are legendary. Try Gray Salt Caramels in dark chocolate — a sensational trio of sweet, salty and creamy — and discover the reason Fran Bigalow is considered one of the best chocolatiers in the country.

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