What’s in store for November

This article was originally published in November 2012

In the PCC Deli

Complete holiday meals

Choose from our Roasted Turkey Meal, Ham Meal or Field Roast Meal. Along with a main course, you’ll receive a handpicked assortment of favorite holiday sides. Our turkey and mushroom gravies are rich and satisfying, perfect atop your turkey or mashed potatoes. Sauteed apples and fresh sage combine in our Apple Sage Stuffing for a dish that’s cozy and delicious. You’ll also have the chance to pick a side or two that suits you and your guests’ tastes. Try our Hearty Greens Caesar Salad, a fantastic modern rendition that features crisp, organic kale and chard.

Each meal includes fresh-baked rolls from The Essential Baking Company and your choice of Pumpkin, Vegan Pumpkin or Apple Pie, fresh-baked from the PCC Bakery.

Is your family recipe for turkey too good to pass up? Order our Sides-only Meal, which features everything but the main course and pie. Order now »


In the mercantile department

Season’s greetings

Send holiday cheer to your friends and family with help from PCC. Our selection of holiday cards includes single cards as well as boxed sets and runs the gamut from nature-inspired, wood-blocked prints to humor and sass. Among the mix are cards from local company Positively Green in Fremont, and from Shannon Martin, who lives in Seattle. All of our holiday cards are made from managed forests or post-consumer waste with either vegetable or soy ink for an environmentally friendly way to share the season.


In the produce department

Crisp, tangy, fresh cranberries

Considered one of the three main fruits native to North America, cranberries’ festive hue and tart, snappy flavor make them a delicious addition to everything from cocktails to salads. They offer antioxidant action and long have been known for their ability to help prevent and treat urinary tract infections as well as aid digestive health. Find recipes using fresh cranberries, including Fresh Cranberry Mustard. Plus learn to make a batch of Fresh Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce with Orange Zest and Ginger for your holiday table.

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