Just the right pasta for you

This article was originally published in October 2012

Pasta is pasta, right? Not so fast, Alfredo. Whether you avoid wheat, adore traditional noodles or embrace veganism, you’ll find the spaghetti, fusilli, rigatoni and other shapes to fit your life at PCC.


Pasta galore

Prepare your taste buds: There’s a perfect pasta for everyone at PCC, from fine pasta makers including Montebello, Bionaturae, Ancient Harvest, Garden Time Organic, Tinkyada, Mrs. Leeper’s and Bella Terra. And don’t miss the selection of fresh pasta available in the deli refrigerator case.

Wheat alternatives

We offer pasta crafted from ingredients such as brown rice and corn.

Ancient grains

You’ll find pasta made with spelt and kamut.

Vegan and vegetarian

Look for ravioli, gnocchi and other varieties from Rising Moon Organics in our freezers.


Find a variety of traditional favorites made from organic wheat, eggs and more.

In bulk

Our bulk section offers a variety of popular pasta shapes in just the amount you need for your recipe.


Producer spotlight

Jovial Foods

A commitment to authenticity, quality ingredients and memorable meals makes Jovial stand out among artisanal pasta makers. Founded in 2010, its founders work with small-scale farmers to encourage the survival of heirloom grains and ingredients; crafts its artisanal pasta with traditional bronze dies in Italy; honors individuals with food intolerance by sourcing allergen-free ingredients; and packages its treasures in the most recyclable and compostable packaging available.

Jovial makes whole grain pasta from organic eikorn, an ancient grain packed with protein, B vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber but free of the gritty or grainy texture that mars some whole grain pastas. Our buyers recommend Jovial’s einkorn and brown rice pasta options, both of which they say cook well and stand up to whatever dish is being prepared (find even more cooking tips on Jovial’s website). Find Jovial’s delights in our grocery aisles.

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