Chatterbox for October

This article was originally published in October 2012

PCC stores get creative with their customers on Facebook

Thanks to our nine PCC store Facebook pages, staff have been able to connect with shoppers in a whole new way. We’re able to provide information on products, community happenings and recipes via Facebook. We can answer customer questions through social media. And we can have a little fun too!

Recently, Edmonds PCC played their own version of Where’s Waldo? on their Facebook page by hiding a Lego butcher in the meat department, snapping a photo of the department and posting it to their Facebook wall where readers were challenged to “find the butcher.” The first two eagle-eyed followers to successfully locate the less than pint-size butcher received a free package of bratwurst.

Redmond PCC also held a contest of sorts on their Facebook page with a special peach promotion. The store purchased a few too many delicious, local peaches and requested a minimum of 10 likes on their Facebook page to drop the price from $3.99 lb to $2.99 lb. They easily reached the required 10 likes, lowered the price and delighted fellow peach lovers.

To get in on the fun and follow your favorite PCC location on Facebook, simply search “PCC” followed by the store’s neighborhood (e.g. Issaquah, Greenlake, Kirkland, etc.) in the Facebook search bar. The search bar is located at the top of any Facebook page.

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PCC Fremont
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The holidays are near … it’s time to start pinning!

With the holiday season now just weeks away, it’s a great time to start thinking about what recipes you’ll prepare, and even better, what dishes you want to enjoy. PCC’s Pinterest boards are a great place to get inspired and work up an appetite. Find PCC on Pinterest: and pin your favorite dishes today!

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