Chatterbox for February

By Karen Gaudette

This article was originally published in February 2012

QR code

February, with its dark, chilly nights, is a terrific time to get creative in the kitchen. Follow PCC on Facebook or Twitter for daily inspiration, including a vegetarian idea each Meatless Monday and a range of recipes that span many other diets. Dessert lovers, be sure to check PCC’s Facebook page throughout the week for tempting dessert ideas. Past recipes include Flourless Carrot Cake and Cashew Coconut or Chocolate Truffle Power Balls.

Ever wondered about those black-and-white square codes that keep appearing in magazines, on billboards, even on the sides of buses? They’re quick response codes (QR codes), and they’re an easy way for smartphone users to quickly access information such as websites, photo galleries and more without having to type in an entire URL. Simply download a QR code scanner or reader from the Apple App Store or Android Market. Start up the reader, snap a picture of the code and away you go! You’ll find QR codes linked to recipes, cooking instructions, exclusive videos, shopping tips and more in the pages of PCC Taste and the Sound Consumer. You also may notice more QR codes on signs, packaging and more inside our stores in the coming months to help connect you with helpful information.

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