Celebrate organics

by Lydia Cox

This article was originally published in September 2011


PCC’s roots in the organic industry run strong and deep. For decades we’ve supported the organic industry by developing close relationships with dozens of organic growers and producers scattered across the Northwest — and beyond.

It’s our goal to provide the most fresh, flavorful organic choices in our markets whenever possible, from fruits and vegetables to meat, dairy and grocery items, such as soup, juices, crackers, rice, pasta, coffee and more.

All nine PCC stores are certified organic retailers — committed to preserving the organic integrity of the products we sell, from the farm to your shopping cart. We voluntarily have established practices and protocols that meet the standards of the National Organic Program to ensure our organic products are handled and stored correctly.

By choosing organically grown food, you support an industry that values purity, flavor and sustainable agriculture. Organic farmers in Washington state and around the world are helping to preserve the quality of our ecosystems and improve the health of our rural communities by growing food the way nature intended it to be grown.

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