Chicken: local, organic & pastured choices

This article was originally published in March 2011

chicken salad.

We work with area farmers to support a local food system while maintaining better quality control and to ensure we offer you the finest chicken available.

  • Our PCC Organic Chicken is raised just a short drive from our stores on farms nestled throughout the Skagit Valley by Draper Valley Farms, based in Mt. Vernon, Wash. Inside their barns the chickens have room to run with natural daylight, fresh air and 24-hour access to clean water, feed and the outdoors. They eat a certified organic diet of non-GMO corn, soy and vitamins.
  • Our “Ranger” free-range chicken also is raised by Draper Valley’s farmers and fed a diet of U.S.-grown corn and soy.

A universal delight in the kitchen

Chicken is a great source of niacin and other essential B vitamins. Check out our popular Comfy Chicken recipe spread and lean how to make great chicken stock. Or, pick up a roasted “Ranger” chicken in our deli for an easy meal at home.

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