Get fresh with cabbage

This article was originally published in March 2011

There’s no denying that cabbage isn’t the most popular kid in the cruciferous class.

It can be daunting to deal with due to its size, and some may give it a bad rap for being boring. But this vegetable packs a whole lot of nutritional punch and can be prepared in a variety of delicious ways. Rich in antioxidants and containing anti-inflammatory properties, cabbage is believed to help cancer prevention. It’s also an excellent source of vitamins C and K, and it’s a great source of fiber and folate.


Get cooking

Try these easy suggestions for cooking with cabbage:

  • Sauté slowly in butter, add salt, pepper and walnuts.
  • Sauté with garlic and red pepper flakes, and finish with a squeeze of lemon.
  • Blanch shredded cabbage, drain and sauté in olive oil with caraway seeds until crisp-tender, then mix in fresh breadcrumbs toasted in olive oil.
  • Cut cabbage into quarters and core. Grill in foil packets with salt, pepper and butter.
  • Simmer chopped cabbage with onion, garlic, chicken or vegetable stock, and potatoes for a hearty soup.

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