What's in store for January

This article was originally published in January 2011

A sampling of the thousands of all-natural items you’ll find at PCC.

In the deli
Take-and-bake casseroles


Spicy enchiladas


Potatoes and sausage gratin

What’s for dinner? Try our new, made-from-scratch casseroles in the grab-and-go section of the PCC Deli. We offer an ever-changing array in our stores that can include spicy enchiladas, potatoes au gratin, lasagna, twice-baked potatoes, Southwest corn pudding, polenta and black beans, and seasonal specials. Imagine how good your home will smell when you pull one piping hot from your oven. Add one of our salads (perhaps the crisp fennel and crunchy kale goodness of our Emerald City Salad) and you’ve got yourself a fresh and easy weeknight meal.

In the grocery aisles
A yogurt for every body

You know that advice to eat like your grandparents for optimal health? Well, yogurt has helped nourish and sustain cultures around the globe for millennia, delivering protein and calcium with each spoonful, not to mention those famous active cultures that promote healthier digestion and improve nutrient absorption. Resolve to add more culture to your day and explore our variety, whether it’s goat’s milk yogurt from Redwood Hill Farm, locally made yogurt from Grace Harbor Farms, soy yogurt from Wildwood, coconut milk yogurt from So Delicious or any of our other two dozen-plus options.


Beat the chill with a hot pot of chipotle chili made
with ground turkey. View recipe »

In the meat case
Get lean with turkey

Keep your resolution to eat lean protein with our moist, flavorful turkey raised by Diestel Family Turkey Ranch in Sonora, Calif. Cooking with our freshly ground turkey is easy; just substitute it where you would use ground beef — in chili, meatloaf, lasagna and more. We offer other meats ground in-store as well, including grass-fed, organic and all-natural beef options, Northwest pasture-raised lamb and local, sustainably raised pork.

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