Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Scrip Program?

The Scrip Program is a fundraising tool for schools Pre-K through 12th grade and their PTAs. It involves individuals using special Scrip Cards assigned to their school or PTA, loaded with money to shop at PCC. Schools/PTA’s get a 5% donation when cardholders put more money on their cards – we donate 5% of the value reloaded. This money accrues over the year and then in June, we send the school a donation check.

Who qualifies for this program?

Local schools and their PTA’s in the Puget Sound region, Pre-K through 12th grade.

How can schools participate in the program?

Schools or PTAs should choose an individual to act as their Scrip Coordinator, and then they can sign up using our online application form.

What is a Scrip Coordinator?

This person acts as a liaison between the school, cardholders, and the PCC Scrip Program Manager. This is a voluntary, but semi-official position, which carries the responsibility of overseeing the program for the school or PTA.

I’m a parent and I’m interested in participating in the program. How can I do this?

Contact your child’s school or your PTA and ask if they’re already a participant. If not, ask the school or PTA if others would be interested in being part of the program and using it to raise money. We encourage people to assess the level of interest prior to applying and ordering cards to ensure the program will be a success. The school/PTA will also need to find a Scrip Coordinator to spearhead the program.

What are the duties of the Scrip Coordinator?

The Scrip Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the program – ordering and picking up cards, communicating with the PCC Scrip Program Manager, communicating with cardholders, receiving the donation check, and delegating any of these responsibilities to others as needed. The Scrip Coordinator is also responsible for informing the PCC Scrip Program Manager when the school or PTA contact information changes or if a new Scrip Coordinator takes over.

What is the process for picking up orders?

After you place your order, you will be notified when it will be ready for pickup (usually a day or two after, depending on when the order was placed). Orders arrive at stores on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We recommend picking up after 3PM to ensure it has arrived at the store. When you go to the store, inform an employee you are picking up a Scrip Card order and ask for a store director, assistant store director, or PIC (person in charge). Scrip orders are kept in the store office’s safe.

What should I do if a PCC employee tells me the order is not there?

Ask for a store director, assistant store director, or PIC (person in charge); your order will be in the safe. If they cannot find it, please send an email to or call the PCC office at 206-547-1222 and ask for the Scrip Program Manager.

FAQ-Scrip Coordinators

How do I update or change the scrip coordinator information for my school?

Please send us an email:

When does my school receive the donation-rebate check?

Within the first 2 weeks of June.

Is there a minimum amount for this donation check?

Yes, the minimum amount for a check is $100. If the 5% accumulated in one year is under $100, that money is compounded with the following year’s accumulated donation. You’ll receive a check at payout time once your accumulated amount is $100 or more.

Can I receive reports for how much money my school/PTA is making?

Yes, please email the name of your school/PTA and time period you wish to have a report generated for.

Does PCC track any information specific to card holders?

No, PCC only documents which cards are associated to a specific school or PTA. We have no personal information in regard to participants/supporters.


What should I do if I’m having problems reloading or using my Scrip Card?

Email describing the problem and include your card number (the full number on the back of the card that starts with 5896), your phone number, and a transaction ID if applicable. We will reach out as soon as we can with information or to inform you the issue is resolved.

What if I lose my Scrip card?

Contact your Scrip Coordinator to get a new card. If there is a balance on your card email the PCC scrip Program Manager, , your old card number with existing balance and the new card number.

What if my scrip card quits working?

Contact your Scrip Coordinator to get a new card affiliated with your organization. If there is an existing balance on your card please email your old card number and new card number you wish to transfer the funds to.

What if my card sits at a zero balance?

If a card has a zero balance for more than 2 years, the card is automatically de-activate by the system.

What if my child changes schools?

Please return your card to your current Scrip Coordinator as it can be reused! Contact the scrip coordinator of your new school to get a card affiliated with that school or PTA.

Does PCC keep any information specific to card holders?

The only information PCC tracks is the name of the school or PTA, Scrip Coordinators contact, and funds raised for each organization. Specific questions of participants/supporters should be directed to your scrip coordinator.

Can PCC transfer the 5% I am generating to a different organization?

PCC cannot transfer allocations from one group’s to another group’s allocation. The best advice is for them to spend all the funds on their scrip card and acquire a new one from their next school or PTA.