PCC Scrip

PCC Scrip Program guidelines

To be considered for the scrip program please ensure your organization adheres to the following guidelines.

  • All requesting organizations must be a 501(c)(3). Proof of your 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status is required.
  • Your organization or organization’s event must focus on our local communities.

PCC will consider the following organizations:

  • Private and public schools and PTAs.
  • We give priority to organizations that focus on improving our local community through health, nutrition, education and environmental preservation.

PCC will not consider the following organizations:

  • Political or faith-based groups
  • Third-party fundraisers
  • Organizations funded through membership or participation fees
  • Individuals or sponsorship of individuals
  • Organizations that permit the exclusion of a group based on their ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or lifestyle

Scrip Coordinators and Current Participants:


How does PCC’s Scrip Program work?

Your organization can purchase cards at 95 percent of the full value, which you will sell to participants/supporters for full value, earning five percent of that purchase. Your participants can now utilize their scrip cards at all PCC stores and then continue to use their cards by recharging them. Recharge transactions made on these cards are tracked by PCC. Twice a year, your organization receives a check for five percent of those recharges. Check to see if your school or organization is already signed up.