PCC Community Grant application

Please read the grant recipient guidelines before submitting your application. Please fill out the form below and submit.

  1. This grant is intended for special projects or programs within an organization.
  2. Applications are reviewed quarterly; applications will be kept on file for one year from the applied date. After one year, a nonprofit who has not been chosen may once again reapply for the grant.
  3. Multiple applications for a grant will not increase chances of selection. All applications will be reviewed equitably and not based on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note: Organizations that receive a PCC Community Grant will be ineligible for another PCC grant for five years; and, will also be ineligible for further donations from PCC Community Markets for 12 months (community grants and donations are two separate PCC programs).

  • Contact information

  • Organization information

  • Please briefly describe your organization.
  • Description of organization’s program or project, please include beginning date of project, duration, etc.
  • Will these funds for your special program/project be used for something specific?

PCC Community Grants are awarded quarterly — January through December. Only awarded recipients will be notified.

Please contact our PCC Community Grant Program if you have any questions: grants@pccmarkets.com

Do I apply for a PCC donation or community grant?

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