July 2024 Letters to the Editor

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Cleaning standards

I just read the article about the new standards for cleaning supplies carried in the store. I love it, and it’s how I personally choose cleaning products already, so kudos for doing the right thing for customers. I can say based on my experience that wool dryer balls (with essential oils on them) in my dryer work perfectly well and provide a light natural fragrance. It would be great to see concentrated soaps carried in the store that you can dilute and create multiple cleaning products from.

Thanks for your great work! It’s much appreciated.

PCC replies: Thank you very much for reading and for the kind words on PCC’s new cleaning products standard! We asked our Health and Body Care products merchandiser about concentrated soaps at PCC, and he suggests Dr. Bronner products at PCC stores, which are frequently diluted for that purpose. Soap is available in bulk in the HBC department, and Sal Suds biodegradable cleaner can be found in the grocery department.


PCC membership cost

Is membership charged annually? And when is mine up for renewal and what is the fee?

PCC replies: Thank you for your membership and your question! There is a one-time $60 fee for a lifetime membership to PCC. There are no renewal requirements and no annual charges. For information on full membership benefits, including a growing number of partner discounts, see our information page online.


Chocolate chip cookie recipes

Hi there!

I was browsing your site and came across your page with the 6 delicious chocolate chip cookie variations — so tempting! I’m planning to try one this weekend. Quick question: In the recipe for the double chocolate chunk version, could I use dark chocolate instead of semisweet chocolate chips without altering the final taste too much? I have a bit of a preference for the bittersweet richness of dark chocolate.

PCC replies: Thank you for the compliment and for your question on chocolate chip cookies! Generally, swapping out different types of chocolate chips is purely a matter of personal taste. The flavor will be slightly different, but that’s a good thing if it goes in a direction you prefer! Note that you will see some differences if you use chopped chocolate rather than chocolate chips, most notably that chips will hold their shape better.


Where to buy amaranth

Can you please tell me if any of your stores carry Amaranth? I prefer to shop at your Bellevue or Kirkland stores, but can also go to the Redmond location. I know Kirkland does not have it. Does Bellevue? Redmond? Thank you.

PCC replies: Thank you for your question on amaranth, a nutritious and gluten-free whole grain. Organic amaranth is available in the bulk department at Ballard, Bothell, Greenlake Village and West Seattle PCC stores. Packaged organic amaranth can be found at the Ballard, Bellevue, Burien, Central District, Edmonds, Green Lake, Issaquah, Redmond and West Seattle PCC stores. If you garden, you may be interested to know that some varieties of amaranth even grow well in the Northwest, with their leaves cooked as greens or used fresh in salads.

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