PCC Membership celebrates 100,000 members

Hand holding PCC Membership card

PCC’s vision is to inspire and advance the health and well-being of people, their communities and our planet. Two years ago, in alignment with that vision, PCC updated its membership program to better serve and celebrate all co-op members.

Since that time, membership has increased from just under 70,000 members at the start of 2020 to more than 100,000 members today! And while the numbers are significant, it’s the member feedback that speaks to the success of the program. Comments PCC has received include:

“I love getting the PCC email in my inbox that says I have a new offer.”

“Thank you for having the virtual wine event. I did not believe a wine tasting could be successful without actually tasting the wines.”

“It was great to hear from PCC’s Nutrition Program Manager…about the initiatives they are taking on…I love being a PCC member and a part of an organization that cares so much about the community.”

In 2021 PCC offered members more than 40 special offers totaling nearly $300. The range included free organic strawberries, free Acme ice cream, 15% off PCC organic turkeys, free PCC soap, free organic yellow peaches and free Ferndale Farmstead Fresh Mozzarella. Members also had the chance to connect with and learn from PCC producers and partners including Harvest Against Hunger and LaPierre Farms.

As we start the new year, PCC will continue to bring new opportunities and offers to members, including:

  • Special Offers: Members can expect a range of new offers throughout the year from free produce and grocery items to special buy-one, get-one deals. Offers are shared with members via email, so be sure you are signed up here for Member Offers & Communications.
  • Exclusive Events: Each quarter, members have access to a PCC Board Meet and Greet where they can hear first hand updates from the co-op and ask questions of the Board. These meetings often have special guests so members can learn more about how the co-op works. Members also gain access to virtual and in-person events to meet with co-op partners and vendors. Details about these events, including the Board Meet and Greet on January 25, 2022, can be found here.
  • Partner Deals: In addition to great partners like Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizza, Ridwell and BECU, we are excited to bring members new offers from Molly Moon’s, K’UL Chocolate and the Seattle Art Museum. Learn more about all of our partners and the specifics of each offer here.

To ensure you receive all benefits of the membership program, including updates on the potential annual dividend and to take part in the co-op’s annual Board of Trustees election, be sure to link your online account with your membership through a few simple steps that are outlined here.

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