PCC customer service stars

This article was originally published in January 2022

Matthew R Sept21 CS Star

Matt Rateau

Produce Clerk, Fremont PCC

For 14 years, Matt has been a staple at Fremont PCC, ensuring the best produce is displayed beautifully across the department. As a go-to person for local and seasonal produce recommendations, he’s happy to share his vast knowledge and experience with shoppers. Matt also enjoys being part of a company that focuses on local, unique products and is particularly fond of the co-op’s affiliation with Washington Farmland Trust, a nonprofit that protects and stewards threatened farmland in Washington state. Thank you for your continued positive contribution and hard work, Matt!


Frederick Oct21 CS star

Frederick Clanahan

Receiver, West Seattle PCC

Frederick joined PCC back in 2014 as a Person In Charge at our Kirkland store. Since then, he’s held positions at the former Seward Park location, Columbia City, Issaquah and now West Seattle PCC as a Receiver, where he provides a welcoming environment behind the scenes for drivers and vendors delivering product. As part of the grand opening team at West Seattle, he feels a special connection to his coworkers and the community. Frederick spends his free time with his family, working in the yard, playing baseball and coaching his son’s baseball team. Thanks for all that you do, Frederick!

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