PCC Community Grows: Welcome, new members!

Membership is the core of our co-op. Joining PCC provides the ability to share your voice in shaping the future of the co-op through voting in the annual PCC Board of Trustees election as well as exclusive benefits and events.

In the first half of this year, we have added nearly 5,500 new members. PCC is thrilled to welcome each member into the co-op community and ensure they understand the range of offerings available to them. With the one-time fee of $60, members become part of the co-op for their lifetime and have access to the following:

  • Opportunity for a Dividend: The PCC Board of Trustees determines if a dividend will be issued for each fiscal year based on the co-op’s financial results and the needs of the business. Dividends are not guaranteed, and if one is issued, it would generally be in the second quarter of the following year. By its definition, a dividend is a sum of money paid to active members out of the profit—or net income—the co-op makes specifically from member sales. To learn more, visit our membership page detailing the process and how we determined the 2020 dividend paid out earlier this year.
  • Partner offers: Members receive unique deals and discounts from local businesses that share our values, inclu-ding Fidalgo Coffee Roasters, Marjorie Restaurant and Mighty-O Donuts. You can hear directly from BECU and DeLille Cellars about their businesses and participation in the Partner Program.
  • Special Events: PCC offers members interesting opportunities to connect and build community with each other and with co-op partners. This year members were able to meet with a local producer, LaPierre Farms, who supplies PCC with a range of fruits, including delectable blueberries. Members were also able to virtually tour Kingston-based CB’s Nut Roastery and learn about the small batch barrel roasting that makes their products so delicious.
  • Exclusive Deals: Another exciting benefit of membership is the ability to get offers throughout the year via email for exclusive in-store offers. Last year, members received more than 30 unique offers totaling almost $300 in savings on a range of quality products including olive oil, wild-caught Alaska salmon and organic greens.

The growth of PCC’s membership allows individuals to access many benefits, but it also provides an opportunity for the co-op to have a larger impact on important issues. As a collective voice, the PCC community can do a lot of good for local, regional and national food systems. You can learn more about PCC membership here, including how to receive PCC Advocates emails with regular updates on how to take action on issues that affect us all.

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