PCC customer service stars

This article was originally published in May 2021

CSS Star Rafiur Rahman

Rafiur Rahman

Grocery Clerk/Backup PIC, Columbia City PCC

Rafiur began working at PCC in 2013 first at Seward Park and now at Columbia City. He has worked his way up, starting as a courtesy clerk, and now working as a Grocery Clerk and backup Person in Charge. His store says he is a great representation of what customer service is—he is kind, listens to customer needs, and always ensures customers are taken care of. Rafiur says that he loves being able to help people in this job and enjoys interacting with the community.

Outside of work, Rafiur loves to watch movies, go on hikes, play soccer and cricket, and volunteer at Rainier Valley Food Bank.


CSS Star Sheena Trudeau

Sheena Trudeau

Grocery Clerk/Cashier, Ballard PCC

Sheena started working for PCC in April 2020 and though she hasn’t been here long, she’s already made a positive impact. As a Grocery Clerk, Sheena puts forth 100% effort every day in keeping the shelves stocked and neat. Any time Sheena doesn’t know the answer to a question, she takes the time to ask not just for the sake of our customers, but for herself, to improve her knowledge. Outside of work, Sheena says she likes to read, draw, garden and play video games. She’s also in school, working toward a degree in social work and in her spare time volunteers with United Indians, whose mission is “to provide educational, cultural and social services that reconnect Indigenous people in the Puget Sound region to their heritage by strengthening their sense of belonging and significance as Native people.”

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