Our co-op community: Member Dividend Questions Answered

This article was originally published in March 2021

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PCC’s Member Benefit Program includes plans for a member dividend based on the co-op’s financial results. As PCC gets closer to sharing specifics surrounding the inaugural dividend, the co-op wanted to provide answers to some common member questions about this program benefit.


What purchases are eligible to go toward the dividend?

Members can earn toward their dividend with eligible purchases from Jan. 1 through the end of the calendar year Dec. 31. All purchases made in-store, online through Instacart and on PCC cooking classes are eligible for the dividend. Purchases excluded from the dividend include: SCRIP cards, the membership fee, bag charges, sales or other taxes, bottle deposits, donations, donation round up amounts, stamps, gift cards, gift card reloads, delivery fees and tips, and purchases made with a dividend.

When will the dividend be paid out?

The PCC Board of Trustees determines if a dividend will be paid in each fiscal year based on the co-op’s annual financial results. If a dividend is paid, it would be in the second quarter of the following year. For example, if the board approves a dividend for purchases made in 2020, a dividend would be paid in the second quarter of 2021.

How is the amount decided?

The PCC Board of Trustees determines the amount of the dividend. By its definition, a dividend is a sum of money paid to active members out of the profit—or net income—the co-op makes specifically from member sales.

How can I use my dividend?

Dividends will be issued in the form of a merchandise credit, which can be used like cash/credit in PCC stores. Members can use their dividend for in-store purchases by showing their membership card or providing their phone number in addition to showing a photo ID to prove they are the membership account holder. Dividends cannot be used to purchase gift cards or for purchases on Instacart.

Can I receive my dividend in cash?

Yes, but only if your dividend amount is greater than $5 and you submit a request for payment to PCC Membership via the PCC website beginning Aug. 1 and ending Oct. 15. Once completed, your dividend will be paid in the form of a check.

Can I donate my dividend?

No. At this time, it is not possible for members to donate their dividend, but PCC is evaluating this for the future.

How can I track my dividend?

Once the dividend is issued—and until it expires—the remaining dividend amount will be displayed on a member’s online account at pccmarkets.com and can be accessed at the store by scanning your card or providing your phone number at checkout.

Does the dividend expire?

Yes, each dividend will expire at midnight on Dec. 31 of the year following the year of issuance if it has not been used by that time. So, for example, if a member receives a dividend in the second quarter of 2021 for purchases made in 2020, the dividend will expire on Dec. 31, 2022 and be returned to PCC.


An important reminder:

The dividend is a benefit reserved for members who have fully paid their membership fee and are active at the time the dividend is declared. If you have any further questions, please check here for more information.

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